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To ensure FBI Entertainment remain the clients first choice in providing quality service and value in the global market place, we tailor make each request in accordance to the clients specifications and budget to make each event cost efficient, full of impact and unforgettable. With our tag line WE CREATE YOU CELEBRATE, we constantly apply new technique and ideas to ensure our clients needs are delivered. We strive for client satisfaction and to leave a sustaining impression on the events we create.
Faizal Ismail

We Create You Celebrate


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Gempak Superstar

Pertandingan carian bakat yang merupakan konsep asal dari FBI Entertainment yang melibatkan transformasi seorang pelakon kepada penyanyi sebagai penghibur dalam industri. Jumlah 10 orang peserta terdiri daripada 5 orang pelakon lelaki dan 5 orang pelakon wanita [...]
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